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Driveway Cleaning


Offering dependable driveway power washing services in Grayson, Lawrenceville & Loganville, GA


One of the first things that visitors will notice about your property is the state of your Driveway cleaning. Don’t let dirty or stained concrete features ruin your curb appeal. Jabez Power Washing has the equipment to clean any concrete surface, usually within an hour. From driveway to sidewalk power washing, we can do it all efficiently.

Like vinyl, brick and stone also collect dirt, mold, and mildew and must be cleaned. Many people neglect brick because these contaminants aren’t as visible as they are on other surfaces, like vinyl. In many cases, they collect worse on brick and stone as a result of their porous surface. Jabez Power Washing uses refined techniques to clean all types of brick ranging from basic red brick to delicate sand faced brick.

Impress guests from the moment they pull onto your property. Contact us today to schedule a driveway power washing appointment in Grayson, GA

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